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Site policy

This site is administered by Seikoh Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Seikoh"). When using this site, please follow the terms of use listed below. By using this site, you agree to its terms of use. In addition, changes may be made to these terms without prior notification. Please make sure to check for the latest information.

All content displayed on this site is protected under copyright law. Unauthorized duplication, transfer, etc. of this content is prohibited by law.
Excluding private use and for non-commercial purposes, duplication, transfer, etc. of this site's contents without the prior permission of Seikoh or the rightsholder is strictly prohibited.
Site content
Careful consideration has been paid to the information published on this site. Seikoh does not, however, guarantee the integrity, accuracy, validity or safety of its content.
All names, details, etc. published on this site may be altered or deleted without prior notification.
In addition, this site may be ceased or terminated as circumstances require.
Usage of this site is the sole responsibility of the user. Seikoh bears no responsibility for any damages incurred during use.
Personal information
Please view our privacy policy page regarding Seikoh's policy on the disclosure of personal information, etc.
In principle, links to this site may be made freely. However, links will be refused in the following cases.
  • 1.Links from sites with illegal content or content in violation of public order and morality
  • 2.Links used for unfair or illegal purposes
  • 3.Frame links and other links causing this site to lose its distinct identity
  • 4.Links that may cause the user to misinterpret that there is some kind of alliance or partnership with Seikoh or that Seikoh acknowledges or approves of the site linked to this site
  • 5.Other links Seikoh has deemed inappropriate
When linking to this site, please use the following URL: http://www.sus-seikoh.co.jp/.
Seikoh bears no responsibility for any damages incurred by linking to this site.
Disclaimer to third party links
The content of third party sites linked to or from this site (hereinafter referred to as "Link Sites") is administered under the responsibility of the relevant link-site owner, not Seikoh. Conditions of usage for Link Sites must be strictly observed.
Seikoh bears no responsibility for the content of Link Sites nor for damages incurred through use of these sites.
In addition, these links do not imply a partnership, etc. or other special relationship between Seikoh and the Link Sites nor are they intended to endorse the products, services, companies, etc. listed on said sites.
Prohibited acts
The following acts are prohibited when using this site.
  • 1.Acts violating the privacy or property, etc. of Seikoh or a third party or acts that may lead to the forgoing.
  • 2.Acts causing losses or damages to Seikoh or a third party or acts that may lead to the forgoing.
  • 3.Pre-election campaigning, election campaigning and acts resembling the forgoing.
  • 4.Acts of missionary work, etc. conducted by a specific religious organization.
  • 5.Acts in violation of public order and morality or acts that may lead to the forgoing.
  • 6.Criminal acts or acts connected to these as well as acts that may lead to the forgoing.
  • 7.Acts of applying or declaring false information such as registering the email addresses of other persons, etc.
  • 8.Business activities or acts intended to create profit as well as acts in preparation for these purposes.
  • 9.Acts injuring the reputation or trust of Seikoh or a third party.
  • 10.Acts using or providing harmful programs such as computer viruses, etc. or that may lead to the forgoing.
  • 11.Acts violating other laws, ordinances or regulations or that may lead to the forgoing.
  • 12.Other acts deemed inappropriate by Seikoh.
Inquiries concerning this site
For inquiries related to this site, links, etc., please contact Seikoh via our inquiry form.