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Beginning with stainless steel and aluminum, we at Seikoh carry a rich lineup of various materials in our company stock. In the event that we do not carry something, we are able to use the Metal One Group network to obtain materials from one of various locations in order to provide quick delivery of products that meet all our customers’ needs for metal materials.

Steel Plates

  • Cold-rolled Steel Plates
  • Hot-rolled Steel Plates


  • Hot-rolled Angles
  • Hot-rolled Unequal Angles

Flat Bars

  • Hot-rolled Flat Bars/Hot-rolled Square Bars
  • Cold-rolled Flat Bars/Cold-rolled Square Bars


  • Hot-rolled Channels
  • Wide Channels

Wide Flange Beams / T Beams

  • Wide Flange Beams
  • T Beams

Round Bars

  • Peeled Round Bars
  • Pickled Round Bars
  • Drawn Round Bars
  • Polished Round Bars
  • Centerless Round Bars
  • Reinforcing Bars
  • Hexagonal Bars


  • Stainless Steel Pipes for plumbing
  • Seamless Steel Pipes
  • Stainless Steel Pipes for boilers
    heat exchangers

Square Pipes / Large Square Pipes

  • Square Pipes
  • Large Square Pipes (acid pickled skin)

Expanded Metals

  • Expanded Metals

Punching Metals

  • Punching Metals

Checkered Plates

  • Checkered Plates

Fittings / Flanges

  • Fittings
  • Flanges


  • A1050
  • A5052
  • A5083